Mendoza Graduate Business Career Services is partnering with Management Consulted! 
They are the world’s leading resource for consulting news and prep.

Mgmt Consulted

For the 2019-20 academic year, we have provided you with access to MC’s entire library of resources:

  • 500+ cases
  • 7 online video courses
  • 5 e-books
  • countless math and case structure drills

In these resources (90+ hours of video content), you will learn the ins and outs of mental math, case and fit interviews, PowerPoint, Excel, and more… A-to-Z coverage of everything you need to know to ace your consulting interviews!

Once you sign up, Management Consulted will send out an instruction email with your login credentials and instructions to access the materials. We hope you’ll take full advantage of these best-in-class resources.



STEP 1: Fill out this Google Form completely

STEP 2: Management Consulted will then send two emails:

  • First email: instructions regarding your login credentials
  • Second email: welcoming you to the platform, guiding you on how to use it, and giving you contact information for assistance