Within this site, you'll find resources to assist you with your career discernment and exploration journey.  Not only will you recognize items from the Career Leadership class, but additional items potentially new to you. 

Best practice is to use these resources in collaboration with your coach or other career mentors.  

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To reserve a room in Duncan for an interview, you can do so via this link.  Please note that this is a change from last year.  Book early as undergraduates are also using these rooms for interviews and for class. 


DOME - for data regarding employers/salaries, career listings (opportunities), career appointments and events (DOME Usage Tips)

Understanding the Market - This will give you insight into where MBA jobs typically exist and various industry and functional insights. 

Understanding Yourself  -  What skills and experiences do you have to offer. 

Communicating Your Value  - Resume, Interview, Application, and Social Media preparation


Resources for International Students

Salary Negotiation

CLC Video Archive

2-Hour Job Search